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What’s the best way to remove food stains from my item?Updated 2 years ago

Here are some general tips.

Oily stains (like sunscreen, lotion, or olive oil): We suggest spot cleaning with a gentle castile soap or dawn dish soap and water solution. Use a medium bristle brush to work on the stain. See “cleaning” instructions for the appropriate material, above. Oil stains can’t be removed without soap.

Some personal care products & food items can lighten the item. Purell is a good example, but other customers report bleach splatters or even some personal care products lightening the color. In such a case, cleaning the item can be helpful to prevent further spread of the chemical, but there’s no way to restore the color after it has faded.

Cologne: For smell, you can try a solution of vinegar and water, although some cologne is extremely persistent. You can also let some baking soda sit in the item to help absorb the smell.

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