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How do I best store Mackinaw Wool products? (Cruiser, Blanket, Vest, and more)Updated 2 years ago

Hang correctly—use a hanger that fits, preferably a shaped or padded hanger. Set the garment properly on the hanger. Hang pants with the pant legs aligned to keep the creases straight.

Hang your wool clothes where they can breathe; avoid overcrowding. Empty the pockets to avoid straining pocket seams that could cause misshaping.

To prevent uneven or unnatural color fading, avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. Even so, being a natural fabric, it is common for wool garments to fade over the years. Some colors naturally fade faster than others; Blue/Black plaid usually fades the fastest.

Wool garments should be stored in a cool, dry place. Dry cleaning before storing will remove the odors that attract moths. To repel moths, place mothballs, flakes, or crystals where your wool garments are stored. If using moth crystals, do not hang garments in plastic garment bags, as the chemicals in the moth crystals may cause the plastic to melt and damage your clothes. Although the smell of cedar is repellent to moths, cedar balls or chips alone do not guarantee that your wool clothes will be safe from moth damage.

Refresh wool clothes by hanging in a steamy bathroom. The steam helps remove wrinkles. Hang wool garments in a well-ventilated area for a day or two to dissipate the smell of mothballs or crystals.

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